The majority of whiplash claims that occur are in Ireland each year are a result of Car accidents. What is Whiplash specifically? Whiplash refers to the rapid snapping back of a person’s head during a road traffic accident collision, which hyper extends the neck and damages nerves and ligaments, often resulting in chronic symptoms such as;

  • persistent pain
  • and lack of mobility.

Whiplash injuries involves pain in the,

  • neck,
  • shoulders,
  • head
  • or the base of the skull

All of which were brought on by a road traffic accident, an individual can suffer from whiplash even if the impact of the crash was as low as 10 kph. Most patients with whiplash recover in a few weeks or at most, a few months, but it is possible to develop continuous chronic pain.
In addition to physical pain, there are many symptoms associated with the whiplash syndrome that can also occur, this includes;

  • sleep problems,
  • poor concentration and memory,
  • blurred vision,
  • ringing in the ears,
  • fatigue and weakness.

It is not unusual to experience whiplash pain some days and even weeks after the accident. If you are considering making a whiplash claim after you were involved in a road traffic accident, it is so important that you be well-prepared and Houlihan Solicitors will help you there. We advise you to keep a detailed record of the accident, your symptoms, and your medical treatment and expenses in order to be well prepared.
Should you choose to bring forth a whiplash claim, Houlihan Solicitors well trained and fully experienced Personal Injury team will get you what you deserve. If you are unsure of your legal rights, or whether you have a whiplash claim, contact Houlihan Solicitors on 061 502 090 or email for expert legal advice in regards to your claim.