Our client was involved in a road traffic accident in 2014 when rear -ended on the M50. As a result, she suffered whip lash type injury to her neck, migraines and an elbow injury that resulted in paraesthesia in her fingers as well as psychological injuries in the form on heightened anxiety when driving.

The Injuries Board assessed her injuries in 2015 to the value of €14,295. With the help and advice of Houlihan Solicitors Elaine decided to reject the Injuries Board offer and proceed with Court High Court proceedings that were issued in November 2015. Expert reports were secured in respect of all the Plaintiff’s injuries and within 14 months of having rejected the Injuries Board award the case was listed for hearing and proceeded to Trial in the High Court in January 2017. Evidence was heard from the Plaintiff in relation to her on-going problems and medical experts were called to give the Court their opinions. The Plaintiff was awarded €75,000 in damages by Judge Barton plus legal costs.

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