James Hennessy and his daughter Michelle Hennessey were awarded €15,000 by the High Court after they were found to have been falsely imprisoned in an Iceland Store in 2014. The Court heard that the Hennessy’s were holding goods in their hands before proceeding to pay for them. They had brought with them two plastic bags to carry their good home. As they were attempting to leave the store two shop assistants approached them and accused them of not paying for some items in their bags. One sales assistant stood outside the exit while the other stood beside the Hennessey.

The Hennessey began to unpack their goods and give their receipts to the shop assistant to prove they had paid for everything. A manager eventually intervened and apologised. Mr Justice Kelly said that “there is no doubt that the Hennessey’s were prevented from leaving the store by a member of staff standing outside the shop and another standing beside them.”  Mr Justice Kelly upheld the decision of the Circuit Court and awarded them €15,000 in compensation.

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