Ms Kenneally 27, is suing hip manufacture Depuy International LTD for implanting her with a defective or unsuitable implant.  She was just 16 at the time of the operation and as a result of this defective/unsuitable implant she has suffered personal injuries, upset, distress. loss and damage.

Ms Kenneally further claims that she was provided with an implant device which released “shards of metal and or metal ions in to her body” her council are alleging “failure to exercise any or any reasonable due care and attention in and about the manufacture of the replacement device.”

It is further alleged by Ms Kenneally that because of her hip problems she has missed out on the unique bonding experience, parenting time and interaction with her daughter. Whom was born in February 2010.

The claims are profusely denied and DePuy contends the product was not defective. It was mention to the court that DePuy recalled its hip implant product in Ireland in August 2010.

The case is continuing.

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